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Brand: Claber
The Claber 91155 1/4" 2 Way Coupling has an easy grip and watertight seal guaranteeing no leakage. For connecting two pieces of 1/4" (4-6mm) feeding tube. Or installation in 1/2" (13-16mm) main tube .2 Way CouplingFor 1/4" Feeding TubeEAN 8000625991556MPN 99155Packs of 20..
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Brand: Claber
The Claber 99209 End Line Drippers have an adjustable flow rate between 0 to 6 litres per hour. The drippers can be installed into 1/2" (13-16mm) main tube or 1/4" (4-6mm) feeding tubes. Super simple to install and easy to clean.Claber End Line DrippersMPN 99209EAN 80006259920960 to 6..
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Brand: Claber
The Claber 8063 Aqua Magic System is a solar powered ready to use kit. It includes timer, solar panel, and built in pump to draw water from a water container, filter and deliver it to 20 drippers.  It uses two rechargeable AA 1.2v NiMH 1800mAh batteries (not included).54 possible irri..
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Brand: Claber
The Claber 8064 drippers are specifically calibrated for use with the Aqua Magic system.Aqua Magic DrippersCalibratedMPN 8064EAN 8000625080649Packs of 5..
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Brand: Claber
The Claber 8068 Aqua Magic Hose is a coil of 10 metres of 4-6mm diameter PVC feeding tube, specifically designed for the Claber solar powered Aqua Magic System.10 Meters of 4-6mm diameter feeding tubeAlgae, Cold Weather and UV ResistantMPN 8068EAN 8000625080687Pack of 1..
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Brand: Claber
The Claber 8422 Aquauno Logica is an automatic one line water timer containing 15 preset cycles, selected using the rotary dial. Simply turning to dial to any one of the 15 numbered notches you can set the program required in a matter of seconds. One 9V alkaline battery can power the ..
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Brand: Claber
The Claber 8423 Aquauno Select is a one way automatic timer. 63 preset programmes, easy programming by way of 2 dials: one with 7 frequencies the other with 9 watering times.  Simply turn the dials for the required setting. Powered by a 9V alkaline battery which will last an entire se..
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Brand: Claber
The Claber 8589 Two Way Tap Connector for taps with 3/4 (20-27 mm) thread. Includes on/off valves and washer. Watertight3/4" threadOn / Off valves on each lineMPN 8589EAN 8000625085897..
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Brand: Claber
The Claber 8591 Multi Threaded Tap Connector enables automatic Quick-Click couplings to a threaded tap. Compatible with two tap sizes 3/4" (20 - 27 mm) and 1 inch (26-34 mm).Watertight3/4" and 1" tap compatibleClick Click compatibleMPN 8591EAN 8000625085910..
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Brand: Claber
The Claber 8599 Double Tap Connector to connect 2 hoses with Quick-Click couplings the tap. Includes on/off  valves. With female 3/4"  (20-27 mm) thread and a reducer to 1/2" (15-21 mm) thread.Watertight3/4" thread with an additional reducer to 1/2" Independent On / Off valv..
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Brand: Claber
The Claber 8603 Hose Connector is a automatic coupling with Aquastop for 1/2" hoses.  Connect and disconnect accessories from the end of the hose without having to turn off the tap.WatertightTested up to 1.5 million "Clicks"Ergonomic designAquastopQuick Click..
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Claber 8660 Turbo Spike Sprinkler
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Brand: Claber
The Claber Turbo spike Sprinkler model 8660 is a stationary sprinkler on a plastic spike with a natural circular rain effect pattern. The Turbo spike has a range of between 28 and 40 square metres (depending upon water pressure).Claber 8660 Turbo SpikeWorks even with low water pressureMaximum c..
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