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Irrigation Systems Accessories  from Topiary Garden

Brand: Water-It
The Hose Pipe Hole Punch is used for making holes in a 16mm supply pipe suitable for 4mm irrigation connectors and components such as drippers and micro-sprinklers. Punching holes into a 16mm supply hose / main tubePerfect for 4mm connectors and componentsPack of 1..
Brand: Claber
The Claber 90250 is a small, cylindrical plastic collar that fits over the base of a Colibri Pop-Up sprinkler. It helps to protect the sprinkler from sand and pebbles that can get into the mechanism and cause it to malfunction. The collar is also made of UV-stable plastic, so it will not degrade ove..
Brand: Water-It
Triple Barbed Straight Hose Pipe End StopperThe 1/2 inch triple barbed hose pipe end stopper shuts off water flow at the end of the hose pipe / tube. The standard size of Hose Pipes in the United Kingdom is half inch diameter (13-16 mm). The 13mm refers to the inner diameter and the 1..
Brand: Gardena
Water Meter AquaCountEnables the monitoring of water consumption, measuring the water quantity that has flowed through the unit.One button for all functionsAll 4 functions of the water meter are operated with just one button. Functions 1 and 2 can be used to individually display the total water cons..
Brand: Gardena
Gardena 8193-20 Twin Tap ConnectorThanks to the system products of the Original GARDENA System, any watering accessories can be easily and quickly connected to the tap or hose. Everything interconnects from start to finish and stays watertight.  The connector is suitable for taps with 3/4-inch ..
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