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Hose pipe connectors are used to connect two or more sections of garden hose/tube/pipe and to taps and other irrigation accessories. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes such as Elbows, Tees, and Straight but they all work on the same basic principle. The connector has two parts: a male connector and a female connector. The connector generally falls into two types, compression fit or push fit. Compression connectors are better for use when you have high water pressure. Push fit are better suited for lower-pressure water supply, the addition of a Tube Clamp added to a push fit connector adds greater protection against the joint failing.

There are a few different types of hose pipe connectors available, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Threaded connectors to connect the hose pipe to a tap. They are simple to use and are suited for a variety of taps. However, they can be difficult to tighten, especially if the tap is old or corroded.
  • Quick-connect connectors also known as Quick-Click are a more convenient type of hose pipe connector. They do not require any tools to use and can be connected or disconnected quickly and easily. 
  • Compression connectors use a compression locking system that has been designed to guarantee a perfect seal that lasts, with no water leakage and no risk of impurities entering the hose/pipe/tube. Good for areas with high water pressure.
  • Push-fit simply pushes into the end of the hose. Good for areas with low water pressure.

When choosing a hose pipe connector, it is important to consider the type of tap or connection requirement you have, the type of hose you are using, and your budget. In the UK the most common size hose pipe for residential use is 1/2 inch in diameter (14mm inside diameter and 16mm outside diameter. Other size hose pipes include 20mm, 25mm, and 32mm diameters, there are connectors readily available to suit.

Here are some tips for using hose pipe connectors:

  • Make sure the connector is the right size for your hose
  • When installing hose connectors it’s worth dipping the hose into hot water for a short while prior to adding the connector. This helps ensure a tight snug fit and reduces the likelihood of leaks.
  • Tighten the connector securely to prevent leaks.
  • When connecting to a tap do not over-tighten the connector, as this can damage the connection.
  • Inspect the connector regularly for leaks and replace it if it is damaged or leaking.