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Heart Topiary Frame

Topiary Heart

Growing a beautiful topiary specimen does not need to take years, the picture on the right shows our heart topiary frame aged 5 months.

The frame was planted up with an evergreen variegated Pyracantha (Firethorn), for spring flower and autumn berries, in March 2011. By the middle of July the frame is almost totally covered with foliage.

Pyracantha berries are not poisonous as many people think although they are very bitter, they are edible when cooked and are sometimes made into jelly.

Our growing guide below will be updated on a regular basis, commenting on growth, health and general observations.

For this project we used:

  • Topiary heart frame
  • Terracotta pot 30cm high x 40cm wide
  • Pyracantha Harlequin
  • John Innes no 3 compost
  • Well-rotted farm manure
  • Polystyrene chips
  • Potting grit
17th March 2011

We added polystyrene chips to the base of the pot and then filled with a mix of John Innes No3 compost and well-rotted farm manure in a 3-1 ratio.

This mix adds weight to the pot helping to stop it being blown over in strong winds.

For the plant we chose Pyracantha Harlequin for its evergreen variegated foliage, white flowers in spring and red berries in autum

Topiary heart frame

The Heart Topiary frame is made up of 3 parts, a base, a support pole and the heart itself.

The height of the frame is 144cm (this can be reduced by cutting the support pole to the desired height) and the width is 64cm.

The frame is dark green in colour, but can be sprayed painted an alternative colour as required.

topiary heart

Once planted, the stem and branches were secured to the frame with Velcro plant ties.

Take care when pruning as Pyracantha flowers mainly on shoots produced the previous year. So try to retain as much of the current years growth as possible.

In subsequent years it's a good idea to prune when the plant is in flower, cutting back growth, avoiding the flowering braches, so that a good display of berries will be on show later in the year.

topiary heart
27th July 2011

The plant is watered regularly and fed once a week with Miracle-Gro fertiliser. Keep an eye out for bugs and flick off any you find. New growth is encouraged through the frame and loosely tied into place with Velcro plant ties. The frame is now sited in full sun with the pot being rotated every two weeks to give even all round growth.

Growth from the stem together with any unsightly or damaged areas on the plant are pinched out weekly.

topiary heart

After only 4 months or so the frame is almost totally covered and seems to be doing well.

For more detailed information on growing Pyracantha take a look at the RHS site Pyracantha.

Heart Topiary
6th April 2012

The Heart topiary frame left is now one year old and in a healthy condition.

In order to encourage flowering and berries we shall now start to feed with tomato fertiliser.

As Pyracantha mainly flowers on the previous years growth and to maximise the amount of berries we shall not start to clip the plant until after it has flowered.