Shadowdancer Fuchsias for Sale

Shadowdancer fuchsias

Many gardeners have stated that Shadowdancers® are a revolution in Fuchsias. They are easy to look after, compact and extremely early and floriferous. Flowering from April to October and given the right conditions may even continue upto Christmas. They make a fantastic pot fuchsia due to their sturdy, upright habit and well presented often upward facing flowers. Shadowdancers also perform well in hanging baskets, containers and window boxes.

Our 2015 selection of Shadowdancer fuchsia plug plants includes Alice, Anna, Betty, Liza, Shirley and Violette.

You may want to select your own mix of fuchsias from all the varieties we have for sale, if so please email us at info@topiarygarden.co.uk and we will be more than happy to oblige.

Securely packaged the fuchsia plugs will be sent by Royal Mail 1st class at the end of March 2015. We shall email you a week prior to this to let you know the date you can expect to receive your plants. We will be happy to accomodate any specific delivery date you might have. In order to avoid the plug plants being held up in postal depots we dispatch on a Monday / Tuesday. We shall also include a fuchsia growing guide to ensure the best possible results.

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shadowdancer Alice
Shadowdancer Anna
Shadowdancer fuchsia Betty

Fuchsia Shadowdancer Alice

Alice is a compact plant carrying an abundance of beautiful blooms with red sepals and a lilac Corolla.

Fuchsia Shadowdancer Anna

A really big double flowering fuchsia with red sepals and double white corollas. The foliage creates a neat bushy plant with flowers that appear all over in an explosion of colour.

Fuchsia Shadowdancer Betty

Betty is probably the earliest to flower and will produce a constant display of beautiful double flowers with vivid red sepals and a white veined corolla.

Shadowancer fuchsia Liza
Shadowdancer fuchsia Shirley
Shadowdancer fuchsia Violette

Fuchsia Shadowdancer Liza

Fuchsia Shadowdancer Shirley

Shirley has bright red sepals and a pure white corolla.

Fuchsia Shadowdancer Violette

Violette is another early blooming fuchsia with exceptional uniformity and compact growth. This fuchsia has a violet corolla and pink tinged sepals. The blooms sit well above the bushy small leaved foliage.