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Cherry Blossom

Feb 28th. Cherry Blossom

Blue Bottle Fly

Feb 27th. Blue Bottle Fly

pyracantha Golden Charmer

Feb 26th. pyracantha Golden Charmer - This year we are growing a number of different Pyracantha varieties into lollypop shaped topiaries.

primula vulgaris

Feb 23rd. Primula vulgaris - (common name primrose) adding some very welcome colour to the garden


Feb 22nd. A little piece of Spring - Celendines in flower.

Colourful Hanging Pots

Feb 20th. When choosing your hanging pot plants this year why not be creative and select a matching colour hanging pot. Our colourful hanging pots are available from £10.90 for 5 including Free Delivery more...

Red Hyacinth

Feb 19th. A Red Hyacinth with sphagnum moss.

Monday 17th February 2014

This moring I wanted to pick up some John Innes no 3 compost and horticultural grit from the local garden centre but ended up buying a variety of trailing plug plants and a bird feeder instead.

Recently we have been thinking about creating a Hanging Pot Tree with a view to being able to hang 24 of our small Liliane hanging pots (only 15 cm diameter). We want a robust and stable Tree that can be transported in the back of a car, so it is likely to be constructed in a modular form that can be easily assembled and disassembled without the need for tools. A number of drawings have been put down on paper and we are close to a final design, we hope a prototype will be completed soon - watch this space.

This afternoon we have been potting up the young plug plants that include the following.

    Liliane hanging pot
  • Bacopa Great Pink Beauty
  • Bacopa Snowflake
  • Bidens Golden Glory
  • Calibrachoa Cabaret Cherry Rose
  • Calibrachoa Cabaret Purple Glow
  • Calibrachoa Cabaret Red
  • Calibrachoa Cabaret Yellow
  • Calibrachoa Hot Pink Star
  • Petunia Cascadia Rim Magenta
  • Petunia Phantom
  • Petunia Prinstripe
  • Petunia Double Tumbelina Cherry Ripple
  • Petunia Double Tumbelina Angela
  • Petunia Surfinia Burgundy
  • Scaelova Blue Print

If you would like to buy some of our Liliane Hanging Pots they are available here.


Feb 7th. A sign that spring is on it's way.

Choppy sea on the front at Teignmouth

Feb 3rd. A choppy seafront at Teignmouth, Devon.

elephant topiary frame

Jan 30th. Why not grow an Elephant! See more

Blue Tit topiary in letters

Jan 18th. A strange looking bird has landed on the roof of the cabin.

Hyacinth Purple Lady

Jan 16th. Hyacinth Purple Lady in bloom.

horticultural letter frame E for 3D planting

Jan 14th. If you would like to try 3D planting this year our Letter and Number horticultural frames might be just what your looking for. horticultural frames

Topiary letters BUM

Jan 12th. Does my BUM look big?.

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