Trailing Fuchsias

A day in the life of Topiary Garden weeks 7 to 15 2013

trailing fuchsia plugs

April 12th. The varieties of Trailing Fuchsia Plug Plants we are growing this year. Most will be planted up into hanging Baskets. Available for Sale here

Colourful flower pots

April 11th. Coloured flower pots caught in the sun.

Fuchsia Pink Marshmallow

April 10th. Fuchsia Pink Marshmallow coming along nicely, and with the forecasted improvement in the weather it's a great time to start your fuchsias. We have some lovely fuchsia plugs still available here.

Robin red breast

April 8th. Dreary admin work today brightened up by this little robin singing sweetly.

Fuchsias in the sun

April 7th. Some sun at last.

Shadowdancers Alice and Shirley

Easter Friday. Shadowdancers Alice and Shirley. Our full range of Shadowdancers can be seen here.

Pink Hyacinth

March 27th. Pink Hyacinth in the cold morning sun.

Easter Fuchsias

March 23rd. Easter Fuchsias. Easter chicks courtesy of our charity of choice HarrisHospisCare. Why don't you become a Supporter too.

Topiary Window

March 22nd. Our Window into the Garden topiary frame has come through winter looking a little weathered. Planning to plant it up with trailing fuchsias late spring.

The letter G

March 19th. The letter G seems to have come through its first winter ok. Very happy with the plant (Ligustrum Japonicum Lemon and Lime) it's looking in good health and hopefully will have filled out the frame by mid spring.

Topiary Car

March 15th. Topiary on four wheels - the Topiary Car.

Florist Shop

March 10th. Mothers Day morning in Four Seasons Floral Design florist shop Whyteleafe.

Spring Flowers

March 1st. A bowl of flowers to celebrate the first day of climatological spring.

trailing fuchsias

Betty, Ginger, Liza, Peggy, Violette and Yolanda Shadowdancer fuchsias. Easy to look after, compact and extremely early and floriferous, Shadowdancers are a revolution in Fuchsias Available here.

trailing fuchsias

February 20th. A 102 tray of fuchsia plug plants. This tray of plugs is Fuchsia Black To The Fuchsia. Available for Sale here

trailing fuchsias

February 16th. Two weeks after being potted our Trailing Fuchsias plug plants are coming along nicely. Fushsia Plug Plants For Sale

Tilley lamp

February 12th. Found this Tilley Lamp hiding at the back of the shed.

Packet for delivery

February 11th. First of today's batch of Fuchsia plug plants for dispatch.

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