Happy Wedding Day Fuchsia

A day in the life of Topiary Garden 2013 weeks 4 to 6

fuchsia Happy Wedding Day

January 28th. Fuchsia Happy Wedding Day available soon from Topiary Garden.

Packet for delivery

February 11th. First of today's batch of Fuchsia plug plants for dispatch.

Fuchsia Happy Wedding Day

February 9th. Pinching out young fuchsias can seem a odd thing to do, but to get a bushy plant with lots of stems and flowers, pinching is a necessity. Fuchsia Happy Wedding Day pinched and potted next to the plug plant un-pinched.

Fuchsia Pink La Campanella

February 8th. Pinched and potted Fuchsia Pink La Campanella.

Coloured flower pots

February 7th. Growing with these Coloured Flower Pots will brighten up your day.

Plug Plant packaging

February 2nd. Our Plug Plants ready for delivery Plug Plant Packaging.

potted fuchsia plug plants

January 31st. Potting up the first batch of Fuchsia Plug Plants. Using coloured pots to aid identification of the various varieties.

fuchsia plug plant

January 30th. The first of this years Fuchsia Plug plants coming along nicely.

Lonicera Maygreen

January 27th. Instead of Box we are going to try using Lonicera Maygreen on our Teddy Bear topiary frame this year.


January 26th. Periwinkle in flower after all the recent frost, ice and snow.


January 23rd. A panoramic view of the Kent Country Cricket Ground (KCCG) this morning.

Kelsey Park in the snow

January 22nd. A snowy morning in Kelsey Park.

Blackbird in the snow

January 21st. Blackbird feeding in the snow. This blackbird wasn't going to be put off by a cameraman.

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