Cinderellas Slipper

A day in the life of Topiary Garden weeks 38 - 47 2013

Cinderella's Slipper

Nov 22nd. Cinderella's Slipper a bespoke topiary frame designed and built by Topiary Garden for one of it's client.

The Letter M

Nov 15th. The letter M topiary frame, why not grow your name.

Hardy fuchsia Garden News

Nov 14th. Hardy fuchsia Garden News still in bloom and plenty of new buds - hope the hard frosts keep away for a while yet so we can continue to enjoy the display.

trailing fuchsia Sir David Jason

Oct 17th. It's late in the season but trailing fuchsia Sir David Jason is still blooming well.

coloured hanging pots

Oct 12th. Brighten up your garden with coloured hanging pots available soon from Topiary garden.

Trailing fuchsia Checkerboard

Oct 9th. The blooms from our 3 year old trailing fuchsia Checkerboard grown as a standard.

Tortoise topiary frame

Oct 8th. Spray painting a Tortoise topiary frame meadow green this morning. This one will be planted up with Ligustrum japonicum Lemon and Lime it is scheduled as a surprise gift for our blacksmiths girlfriend.

Dog Topiary

Oct 6th. After spending the summer in the garden "Rover" the Dog Topiary has been clipped and will now be moved inside as the plant, ficus pumila (creeping fig), is not hardy and likes a warm environment.

Trailing fuchsia Blue Angel

Sept 22nd. Trailing fuchsia Blue Angel.

Trailing fuchsia Blue Eyes

Sept 20th. Trailing fuchsia Blue Eyes.

Shadowdancer fuchsia Liza

Sept 15th. Liza, one of the shadowdancer range of fuchsias, makes a great pot plant due to its strong, upright habit and well presented flowers. Still in bloom.

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