Planting Ideas

A day in the life of Topiary Garden 2013 weeks 25 to 28

Shadow Dancer Yolanda

July 14th. Shadow Dancer fuchsia Yolanda enjoying the sunshine.

Garden Widget

July 8th. A Heath Robinson-esque garden widget.

Topiary Letters

July 7th. If your planning a special event, whether a Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday or even a Corporate Event why not grow that special persons name, initials or age. Given sufficient time, we would be happy to grow the Numbers or Letters for you.

Topiary Number 2

July 6th. Topiary Numbers. Topiary Number frames make great House Numbers that you can grow. Our Topiary Number frames are available here.

Shadow Dancer fuchsia Violette

July 3rd. Shadow Dancer Violette recently come into flower.

Shadow Dancer fuchsia Alice

July 2nd. Shadow Dancer Alice. Shadow Dancers make fantastic pot plants due to a strong upright habit and upward facing flowers.

Hanging Baskets

July 1st. This morning we finally completed building our hanging basket frame.

Yucca Gigantea

June 30th. Something exotic for the garden Yucca Gigantea.

Yucca elephantipes

June 29th. Not quite topiary but this Yucca elephantibes plant at 130 cms tall provides a great focal point.

Shadowdancer Alice

June 28th. Alice with a wet look. Shadowdancer fuchsia Alice.

mini hanging basket

June 27th. Shadowdancer Martha is a dainty flowered compact fuchsia which we have planted up in a small 14cm diameter hanging basket. Laden with flower buds, it should be in bloom in the next week or so.

Dinosaur topiary

June 26th. Dinosaur topiary seen at the hta National Plant Show today. Do You Think He Saw Us!

Rosa Mundi

June 24th. Looking like a raspberry ripple ice cream Rosa Mundi is a loverly old favorite, pity the blooms are so short lived.

Shadowdancer Alice and Betty

June 21st. Alice and Betty Shadowdancers compact and upright fuchsias.

Shadowdancer Peggy

June 20th. This is Shadowdancer Peggy one of the Shadowdancer range of fuchsias we are growing this year. One of the fuchsia catalogues describes Peggy as having light pink sepals with dayglow-pink corollas tinted neon-orange, pretty accurate description! Topiary Garden is keeping a shadowdancer growing diary which can be viewed here.

Flower Ball

June 19th. We received an email from a gardener asking for an alternative way to plant up a vigorous trailing fuchsia other than using a hanging basket. It's probably a bit late in the season - but with plenty of TLC and crossed fingers we thought we would try planting fuchsia Pink Marshmallow with one of our Flower Balls. Our Flower Ball frames are available here.

Hanging basket with fuchsia Pink Galore

June 16th. Planting up hanging baskets this morning. This one has fuchsia Pink Galore and trailing lobelia.

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