The Letter O

A day in the life of Topiary Garden 2013 weeks 21 to 24

Shadowdancer Yolanda

June 15th. This is fuchsia Shadowdancer Yolanda. With a striking pink corolla bursting from red sepals, facing slightly upwards on a compact upright habit.

Shadowdancer Ginger

June 13th. Shadowdancer Ginger with flower buds about to burst into flower.

Horseradish flower

June 11th. Creamed horseradish with smoked salmon is always the starter at any feastive feast at our home. We purchased a piece of horseradish root at a deli a few years ago and planted it in a large container (the plant can be invasive) and have harvested the root several times now. This is the first year we have seen the Horseradish in flower. Guess you could say we are preparing Christmas lunch in June..

Laurus nobilis topiary

June 10th. Saw this Laurus nobilis topiary this morning - another compulsive purchase.

Pink Galore hanging baskets

June 9th. Pink Galore trailing fuchsias in 20cm hanging baskets.

The letter O

June 8th. The letter O drying in the sun this afternoon.

Supported basket

June 7th. Using the lower half of one of our flower balls we created and planted up these "Supported Baskets" - a good alternative to hanging baskets.

Shadowdancer Betty

June 4th. In honour of the 60th anniversary of the Queen's coronation - Betty another of the shadowdancer fuchsias we are growing this year.

Shadowdancer Shirley

May 31st. This is Shirley one of the Shadowdancer fuchsias we are growing this year. We are keeping an on-line growing diary of all the Shadowdancers here.

Fox yawning

May 26th. Am I boring you? Vixen yawning.

Fuchsia shadowdancer Alice

May 25th. Another photo of shadowdancer Alice one of the fuchsia varieties we are growing this year.

Green Dandelion

May 21st. A Green Dandelion seed head. The dandelion is also known as "lion's tooth" or "piss-a-bed" (probably due to the strong diuretic effect of the plant's roots).

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