Tip Layering Propagation

A day in the life of Topiary Garden 2013 weeks 1 - 3

Tip Layering propagation

January 20th. Simple Tip Layering is one of the easiest methods of propagating new plants. We designed this propagation "Widget" to increase our stock of trailing fuchsias later this spring, it should also work well with a variety of Houseplants.

Robin Red Breast

January 19th. Robin Red Breast in the snow

Buxus plants in the snow

January 18th. Young Buxus plants in the Snow

Garden Widget

January 15th. Our new Garden Widget sprayed and ready for use

garden widget

January 14th. A prototype of our new Garden Widget


January 12th. We have had the same family of foxes giving birth to their pups under the cabin in the garden over the last 5 years or so. Looks like the next generation is back.

Blister pack for Plant Packaging

January 10th. These Blister Plant Packaging packs are perfect for posting young plug plants.

Fuchsia Chillerton Beauty

January 8th. We put fuchsia Chillerton Beauty in a cool greenhouse last October and it has now started new growth, must be the mild weather we have been experiencing recently.


January 7th. One of last years Hardy Fuchsias looking a little bear at the moment. It will be placed in a cool conservatory on a heat mat to give it a head start over those left outside in the garden.

Creeping Fig

January 6th. Creeping Fig (ficus pumila) cutting potted on into a 9cm pot.

Creeping Fig

January 5th. The Creeping Fig (ficus pumila) layered cuttings we took on the 19th Nov seem to have taken. We have severed the cuttings from the mother plant and will now transplant them into larger pots.

Doggie Topiary

January 4th. Planted last July our Doggie Topiary continues to grow well. The plant is Creeping Fig (ficus pumila) a tender, self-clinging, evergreen, perennial climber which may be grown outside in summer. Click the link to see more Dog Topiary Frames.

Garden tools

January 3rd. Cant wait to start using these Christmas Presents.

Old Cat

January 2nd. Old cat sitting on a bench in the local park enjoying the morning winter sun.

Bare Root Buxus

New Years Day. January and February is a good time to plant bare root Buxus Sempervirens (Common Box) whilst the plants are dormant. Great for a low formal clipped hedge, knot garden or parterre.

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