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How to grow Trailing Fuchsias

Last year year we grew 10 varieties of Trailing Fuchsias (see below). The trailing fuchsia plugs arrived early spring and upon receipt we transplanted the plugs straight away into 7cm pots, using good quality free draining compost. The compost we use is a mix of John Innes No2 and perlite in a ratio of 3-2. The plants were watered by sitting them in a tray of tepid water for a few minutes, and then allowing excess water to drain away. The trailing fuchsias were then placed in a cool, well-lit area out of direct sunlight, but not too warm, as this will encourage weak, leggy growth. Over the next few weeks whilst the plants started to establish themselves we watered sparingly trying to encourage the roots to seek out moisture.

The trailing fuchsias will tend to grow toward light, so whilst the plants are inside turn the pots through 90 degrees every two or three days to ensure even all round growth. Fuchsia is often misspelt, fuschia, fuchia and fushia are common mistakes so bare this in mind if you are Googling for more information.

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Trailing fuchsia plug plants

8th February 2013

In order to maximise the amount of sideshoots, the top growth has been be stopped by removing (pinching out) the growing tip. This might seem a little drastic on such a small plant, but the pinching out process will create additional growing stems and therefore will produce more flowers.

When pinching out be careful not to damage the side shoots in the leaf axils under the growing tip, as this will impede growth.

coloured flower pots

3rd March 2013

Almost one month on the young fuchsia plants are in a cool bright room and growing well. Pink Marshmallow and Marinka are vigorous varieties the others in the photo below have a medium vigor. We have not watered any of the fuchsias since potting them as the compost is still on the moist side. We shall resist watering for another week or so - but will be checking them regularly.

Today we also pinched out and potted up Blaze Away, Black to the fuchsia, La Campanella and Sir Matt Busby (all trailing varieties). These are almost one month behind the first batch (the first row in the photo below). It will be interesting to see how long it takes them to catch up.

trailing fuchsias
trailing fuchsias

17th March 2013

We like to move the fuchsias outside whenever the temperature rises above 8 degrees C to make use of the light and help the plants from becoming "leggy". However, the last week has been a challenge weather wise with snow, frost, heavy rain and high winds.

Pink Marshmallow and Marinka are vigorous and will need pinching out for a second time soon, Happy Wedding Day is supposed to have a medium vigor but looks like it's becoming a little "leggy" must try and give this variety a little more light. Bella Rosella, Pink Galore and Pink La Campanella (medium vigor) are growing nicely and looking healthy.

All of the trailing fuchsias have now been watered by placing them in a tray of tepid water for several minutes - the 1st time since potting them up. We have added Mood Indigo to the varieties of trailing fuchsias we are going this year. Roll on Spring!

Trailing Fuchsias 17th March

17th April 2013

The continued cold frosty weather over the last couple weeks has has meant the fuchsias have spent most of the time inside - with only an occasional couple of hours outside. We have been regularly picking off all weak or wilting lower leaves, especially any that are in contact with the compost, to prevent mould / disease spreading to the plants. We are pinching out for the second time after the second set of leaves on each of the stems.

Most of the trailing / lax fuchsias are now ready to pot on into larger pots - we plan to pot on into 9cm square pots. However, many will be planted directly into baskets but we have delayed doing this as we want to start to harden them off by acclimatising them to outside conditions for at least a week prior to planting them in the baskets. Hopefully we can start planting up the baskets over the May bank holiday weekend.

Fuchsia Happy Wedding Day

Fuchsia Pink Marshmallow
Fuchsia Marinka

Happy Wedding Day

Happy Wedding Day has medium vigor with large double showy flowers. A white corolla and pink tinged sepals.

Pink Marshmallow

Pink Marshmallow is a vigorous variety with large double flowers. A blush white corolla and pale pink sepals.


Trailing fuchsia Marinka is a vigorous single with a dark red corolla, red sepals and dark green foliage. Good mid sized single flowers and performs well in baskets.

Fuchsia Bella Rosella
fuchsia Pink La Campanella
Fuchsia Pink Galore

Bella Rosella

Bella Rosella is a dramatic double with large flowers. Mauve - magenta corollas and pink sepals.

Pink La Campanella

Trailing fuchsia Pink La Campanella has a medium vigour, a single with mid-pink corolla and pink sepals.

Pink Galore

Trailing fuchsia Pink Galore has a medium vigour, a double with a soft pink corolla and pink sepals. Masses of superb double flowers and dark green leaves.

16th May 2013

We have been placing the trailing fuchsias outside permanently now only bringing them inside if the overnight temperature is forecast to be 6 degrees centigrade or less. All are putting on good growth and we have now pinched them out a second time. During last five days or so we have been potting the fuchsias into 27cm wide hanging baskets with 4 plants per basket. We shall also be using larger moss lined baskets and supported half grow balls.

We decided to try two different well known brands of compost recommended for hanging baskets - MiracleGro Moisture Control (in the green baskets) and Levington Container & Hanging basket compost (in the red baskets). We will update this diary with the growing differences between the two different type of compost throughout the summer. We also gave each of the baskets a mulch using coco shell to help moisture evaporation.

Next week we shall also be setting up automatic Solar Irrigation Pumps to regulate the watering of the hanging baskets.

Fuchsia Bella Rosella
Fuchsia Bella Rosella

13th June 2013

The trailing fuchsias have been outside for 6 weeks or so now and are coming along nicely. Many are now setting flower buds in the leading leaf axils. However, we have pinched these out to encourage more growing stems, this will delay flowering but will eventually provide more blooms.

Greenfly hasn't been a problem (fingers crossed) but we have intermittently sprayed with a mild bug spray solution.

The two trailing fuchsias in photo to the right are La Campanella planted up in "Flower Bridge" containers which sit nicely on a hand rail. We shall pinch these out this afternoon and that will probably be the last pinch of the season.

Hopefully, within 8 weeks we shall see lots of colourful blooms.

trailing fuchsia La Campanella
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