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How to grow Shadowdancer Fuchsias

Shadow Dancer Yolanda Shadow Dancer Betty Shadow Dancer Peggy Shadow Dancer Rosella Shadow Dancer Ginger Shadow Dancer Alice

Shadowdancers are easy to look after, compact, extremely early and floriferous. Flowering from April to October and given the right conditions may even continue upto Christmas. They make a fantastic pot fuchsia due to their sturdy, upright habit and well presented, often upward facing flowers. Shadow Dancers also perform well in hanging baskets, containers and window boxes.

When potting up our shadowdancer fuchsia plug plants we use a compost mix of John Innes No2 and perlite in a ratio of 3-2. When watering sit them in a tray of tepid water for a few minutes, then allow excess water to drain away. Place the plants in a cool, well-lit area out of direct sunlight, but not too warm, as this will encourage weak, leggy growth. In the first few weeks after potting up water sparingly in order to encourage the roots to seek out moisture.

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Shadowdancer fuchsias

9th March 2013

All the Shadow Dancer fuchsias were stopped (removing the growing tip) whilst young plug plants, this process will maximise the amount of sideshoots. This might seem a little drastic on such a small plant, but stopping or pinching out will create additional growing stems and therefore will eventually produce more flowers.

The Shadow Dancers were potted up into 7cm pots over the weekend of 23rd /24th February. They all look healthy but are not putting on as much growth as our Hardy and Trailing fuchsias this is probably due to their compact vigor - we shall see. At this time Peggy has put on the most growth whilst Ginger is lagging.

Fuchsias will tend to grow toward light, so whilst the plants are inside turn the pots through 90 degrees every two or three days to ensure even all round growth.

The weather forecast for Monday 11 March to Sunday 17 March is for unsettled weather gradually turning colder with frost predicted so we shall take care to ensure the temperature around the plants does not drop below 8 degress C.

Shadowdancer fuchsias

28th March 2013

We added another six varieties of Shadow Dancer fuchsias to the growing diary, they are; Alice, Gene, Laura, Martha, Rosella and Shirley. We shall be potting these up into 7cm pots over the Easter weekend. If you would like to join us and grow these lovely compact fuchsias we have a limited number available for sale here. Shadow Dancers are described as early flowering varieties - wonder which will be the first to flower and when.

Happy Easter all - keep warm.

Shadow Dancer fuchsias

1st April 2013

A very cold March has meant a lot of cosseting and TLC given to the Shadow Dancers over the last month. Trying to ensure sufficient light, regularly turning the pots and keeping the temperature up to a minimum of 8 degrees C. Shadow Dancer Peggy has put on the most growth and Ginger has perked up. Betty and Yolanda, whilst healthy, are not putting on as much growth as the others but this might be down to the variety - we shall see.

We are going to increase the minimum overnight temperature to 14 degrees C with a batch of the Shadow Dancers to see whether this improves the growth rate and general health.

Hopefully the weather will improve soon and allow us to move the plants for at least part of the day.

Fuchsia Shadow Dancers

26th April 2013

After prolonged cold frosty weather the temperature has risen and several warm sunny days has allowed us to get the Shadowdancers outside at last. We have been regularly picking off weak or wilting lower leaves, especially any that are in contact with the compost, this helps prevent mould and disease spreading to the plants. Rosella has put on the most growth so far compared to the other varieties.

With the exception of Laura, Shirley and Yolanda we have pinched out all the Shadowdancers a second time. Many of the plants are setting flower buds, but we are pinching these out also to encourage bushy growth. We have started giving the fuchsias a weak feed each time they are watered - in the warm weather this is being done every two or three days.

We plan to vary the number of times we pinch out a group of 4 or 5 of each of the 12 varieties of Shadowdancers. Some will be pinched 3 times others 4 and maybe even more if growth allows. It will take the plants several weeks to produce flower buds after being pinched so with this in mind, together with the growth rate and vigor, this will dictate the overall number of times each of the varieties will be pinched.

Fuchsia Shadowdancer Alice
Fuchsia Shadowdancer Betty
Fuchsia Shadowdancer Gene

Shadowdancer Alice

Alice is a compact plant carrying an abundance of beautiful blooms with red sepals and a lilac Corolla.

Shadowdancer Betty

Betty is probably the earliest to flower and will produce a constant display of beautiful double flowers with vivid red sepals and a white veined corolla.

Shadowdancer Gene

Gene has Pink Sepals and purple corollas.

Fuchsia Shadowdancer Ginger
Fuchsia Shadowdancer Laura
Fuchsia Shadowdancer Liza

Shadowdancer Ginger

Ginger has masses of flowers which have salmon pink sepals and stunning white corollas. A very early-blooming and easy to grow fuchsia with exceptionally uniform and compact growth.

Shadowdance Laura

Laura has upright foliage with a pale pink corolla and turned back white sepals.

Shadowdancer Liza

Liza has golden-yellow foliage and flowers of red sepals and a tight purple corolla.

Fuchsia Shadowdancer Martha
Fuchsia Shadowdancer Peggy
Fuchsia Shadowdancer Rosella

Shadowdancer Martha

Martha is a cute small flowered fuchsia with well presented flowers. Pastel violet-pink corollas and lite pink sepals.

Shadowdancer Peggy

Peggy has light pink sepals with dayglow-pink corollas tinted with neon-orange.

Shadowdancer Rosella

Rosella has dainty pink sepals with a white corolla that hang from compact green upright foliage.

Fuchsia Shadowdancer Shirley
Fuchsia Shadowdancer Violette
Fuchsia Shadowdancer Yolanda

Shadowdancer Shirley

Shirley has bright red sepals and a pure white corolla.

Shadowdance Violette

Violette is another early bloomer with exceptional uniformity and compact growth. A violet corolla & pink tinged sepals. The blooms sit well above the bushy small leaved foliage.

Shadowdancer Yolanda

Yolanda has a striking pink corolla which bursts from red sepals in abundance, facing slightly upwards on a compact upright habit.

30th May 2013

After a reported coldest spring in 50 years, we hope milder weather is finally on its way. From late April the shadowdancers were permanently left outside and they have hardened off nicely. The fuchsias have been potted on into 9cm pots and all are putting on good growth. With the damp moist weather greenfly is likely to be an issue soon, so we have given the shadowdancers a light spray with a weak solution of Provado bug killer.

Alice and Yolanda are coming into flower with Ginger and Laura setting buds. Liza is the easiest to recognise with its lovely lime green foliage. This weekend we shall give the shadowdancers one more "pinch" and then leave them to grow on. Hopefully, we shall have lots of colourful blooms by mid July.

Shadow dancer Alice
Shadow dancer Betty
Shadow dancer Gene
Shadow dancer Ginger
Shadow dancer Laura
Shadow dancer Liza
Shadow dancer Martha
Shadow dancer Peggy
Shadow dancer Rosella
Shadow dancer Shirley
Shadow dancer Violette
Shadow dancer Yolanda

17th June 2013

The warm weather at the begining of June seems to have perked up all the Shadowdancers. Yolanda and Rosella (below) are now putting on a lovely colourful display.

Shadowdancer Yolanda (below left) has a striking pink corolla bursting from red sepals, the blooms are upward facing on compact upright growth.

Shadowdancer Rosella (below right) has dainty lite pink sepals with a light mauve, turning white, corrola hanging from compact upright foliage.

Shadowdancer Yolanda
Shadowdancer Rosella
Shadowdancer Peggy

21st June 2013

Today we planted Yolanda, Peggy and Liza into 40cm wide terracotta troughs, 3 plants in each. Watered them well and mulched with cocoa shell to help reduce moisture evaporation and provide a little humidity. We shall pot up the other shadowdancer varieties this weekend but uncertain what containers to use as yet.

The image to the right is Peggy which has just come into flower. Below is Yolanda, hopefully all three plants in the trough will bloom at the same time.

Shadowdancer Yolanda