How to Grow Fuchsias

If you purchased and received your young fuchsia plants directly from Topiary Garden they would be packaged in specialist plastic blister packs. The blister packs have compartments marked A to F with an insert label denoting the variety of fuchsia within.

Transplant your fuchsia plug plants on the day you receive them if you can, into 7cm pots. Use good quality free draining compost (we like to use John Innes No2 with added perlite in a ratio of 3-2). If it is not possible to pot your fuchsias straight away, give them a little water and keep them in a cool, bright area out of direct sunlight until you can do so.

Once potted, water the plants by sitting them in a tray of tepid water for a few minutes, and then allow any excess water to drain away. Place them in a cool, well-lit area out of direct sunlight, but not too warm, as this will encourage weak, leggy growth. Do not allow the plants to dry out but be careful not to overwater. Do not place your plants outside until all risk of frost has passed.

Plants tend to grow toward light, so whilst the plants are inside turn the pots through 90 degrees every two or three days to ensure even all round growth.

Fuchsias need to be pinched out to obtain a bushy plant and maximise the amount of flowers. Basically, this means removing the growing tip of the young stem. The pinching out process creates additional growing stems and therefore more flowers. The growing tip should be removed just above the next set of developing leaves. When pinching out be careful not to damage the side shoots in the leaf axils under the growing tip, as this will impede growth.

As the plants continue to grow they will need further pinching out as soon as two or three more sets of leaves have formed. Thus by the time the plant has been pinched 4 times it will have a minimum of 16 stems. Depending upon the variety of fuchsia, growing conditions and the vigour of growth, some will grow faster than others. The length of time from the last pinch to the onset of flowering depends on the variety, the growing environment, time of year and the general well being of the plant. As a general rule allow 8 weeks from the last pinch to the onset of flowering.

For more growing information on the Trailing, Hardy or Shadowdancer varieties click on the links below.

Parts of a Fuchsia