Gardenia Jasinoides | Kleim's Hardy | Kleims Hardy

Gardenia jasminoides Kleim's Hardy

The nursery describes Kleim's Hardy as a dwarf, low mounded, evergreen shrub that has dark green foliage and star shaped, single white flowers with an intense fragrance appearing most profusely in early summer and then sporadically through the season.

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1st March 2011

We purchased the plant from eBay for £2.25 (great value), the plant arrived a few days later in a 10cm pot.

The plant measures 16cm from the top of the pot and appears healthy.

We plan to train the plant through a topiary frame, although we are not sure what shape yet.

Gardenia jasminoides Kleims Hardy

We were recommended to use well-drained humus-rich lime-free soil for Kleims Hardy.

So we mixed John Innes no3 compost with well rotted horse manure in a 3-1 ratio respectively and added half a teaspoon of ericasceous fertiliser.

We re-potted the plant into a 20cm pot and placed it in a bright location out of direct sun light.

Gardenia jasminoides Kleims Hardy
1st September 2011

The plant was recently repotted into a 30cm pot using the same compost mix as before. We added a layer of potting grit to the surface to reduce weeds and give snails a hard time.

Since March the plant has put on 3cm growth, now 19cm tall measured from the top of the pot. Ideally, we would like the plant to reach 45 to 60cms (but at this rate it is going to take a while).

Gardenia jasminoides Kleims Hardy
Gardenia jasminoides Kleims Hardy
1st October 2011

We were pleased to see that the plant (Kleim's Hardy) has started to bloom, somewhat later than expected - perhaps repotting helped. The flowers are very fragrant.