Buxus Semepervirens

Propogating Buxus Sempervirens cuttings - a growing diary

This growing diary was started in October 2010 and is regularly updated with comments on the general health and observations of the Buxus cuttings. We shall also be measuring and recording growth under differing conditions (sun / shade etc).

If you are planning to take some cuttings or have propagated Buxus sempervirens previously we would love to hear from you. Do please send us any comments you might have.

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17th Oct 2010

We selected 10cm tall cuttings from healthy 2 year old Buxus plants and removed all leaves from the bottom half and trimmed just below a leaf joint.

We dipped the bottom of the cuttings in Strike hormone rooting powder and inserted them 4cm deep into the growing medium, firming the compost around the base of each cutting.

A multi-purpose compost mixed with horticultural sand in to 3-1 ratio was selected as the growing medium.

Twenty cuttings were taken and placed into 3 pots. The pots were well watered and placed in a heated propagator and sited in a well lit position away from direct sunlight.

We checked the propagator regularly and opened the vents whenever a build up of moisture on the lid occured alternatively watering if required.

Buxus sempervirens softwood cuttings
27th February 2011

After 4 weeks one of the pots was suffering and unfortunately had to be composted.

Today we removed the cuttings from the propagator. They have a nice colour and seem do be doing well, even putting on a little growth (photos taken today).

Image buxus sempervirens softwood cuttings

We decided to wait two weeks before repotting the cuttings in order to minimise shock to the plants after being removed from bottom heat in the propagator.

They are still indoors in well lit position away from direct sunlight. With a little luck we shall have an additional 12 Buxus Sempervirens plants.

What a great inexpensive way to increase your Buxus plant stock.

Buxus sempervirens rooted cuttings
17th May 2011

The cuttings were potted up at the end of March into 9 cms pots. Again we used a multi-purpose compost mixed horticultural sand.

The plants were moved outside into a shady position mid April.

The plants seem to like the conditions as they have put on approx 5cms of growth.

14th June 2011

Two weeks ago the Buxus cuttings were moved into full sun and have been watered regularly. They are coming along nicely - now 10.5cm tall (measured from the top of the pot).

Buxus sempervirens rooted cuttings image June 2011
7th August 2011

A check on root growth and all seems well.

The young plants are now 13cm tall. Time to pot on into larger pots (13cm) so that they can get established in their new home before the onset of winter.

Buxus sempervirens root growth
image Buxus sempervirens cuttings 10 months old
17th April 2012

The young Buxus plants were kept in a cold frame over winter and seem to have survived without any leaf discoloration and are now putting on new growth.

The height is now approx 14cm.

We started feeding the plants with a Vitex Q4 fertilizer at the end of March.

image Buxus sempervirens cuttings 18 months old
Buxus sempervirens cuttings
5th July 2012

The Buxus cuttings are now 20 months old and seem healthy enough. However, they havn't put on as much growth as we would have expected.

They were in a shady position and the free draining compost did dry out quickly even in the rain we have had this year.

So we potted the cuttings on into 23cm 5 litre pots with a more traditional blend of compost. The pots seem a little large for the plants but we wanted to bed them in for the next 18 months or so.

We have snipped off the top 2 cms of the growing tips to try and create bushy plants.n new growth.

The plants are now approximately 16cms tall.

Earlier this year we started a new diary Clipping Buxus Sempervirens where we are trialing differing methods of clipping 3 year old plants.

Buxus sempervirens cuttings