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Grow your own House Number

This project works great as contemporary house number. The diary will be updated on a regular basis commenting on growth, health and general observations. We are particularly interested in the time the plant will cover the frame and how well it responds to being clipped.

For this project we used;

  • Topiary Number frame
  • Large pot 30cm high x 40cm wide
  • Hedera Helix Little Diamond
  • John Innes no 3 compost
  • Well-rotted farm manure
  • 1/2oz lime
  • 4 x 23cm garden pegs
  • 5cm fringe pins
  • Polystyrene chips
  • Paddle stones

For the plant we chose Hedera Helix Little Diamond for its fairly small variegated green, grey and white leaves. The plant is also very bushy, dense and evergreen, relatively slow growing and good in containers.

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27th Feb 2011

We mixed John Innes No3 compost and well-rotted farm manure in a 3-1 ratio respectively adding half an ounce of lime.

Before filling and to improve drainage we added polystyrene chips to the base of the pot.

John Innes compost adds weight to the pot helping to stop it being blown over.

Image Sphagnum Moss stuffed topiary frame.

The pot was planted with Hedera Helix Little Diamond, which is good for containers, and planted the Ivy slightly deeper than it was in its original pot to encourage healthy growth.

Image Sphagnum Moss stuffed topiary frame.

We soaked the sphagnum moss frame overnight. PS did you know that sphagnum moss can hold upto 20 times its dry weight of water!

The frame was placed on top of the plant making sure that all the stems were pulled to the sides.

Four 9 inch galvanised garden pegs were used to achor the frame to the pot.

Image Hedera Helix Little Diamond

Each of the growing stems was trimmed by 10cm to encourage branching and coverage of the frame.

The plant stems were pinned to the frame with 5cm fringe pins (bought from Boots the chemist).

The top of the pot was dressed with paddle stones and lifted the finished piece to its pride of place in the front garden.

27th June 2011

After four months the Ivy (Hedera Helix Little Diamond) has put on good growth.

We have been lightly trimming the side shoots and pinning the leaders to the moss. Hopefully, the frame will be fully covered by late autumn.

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Image Hedera Helix Little Diamond
12 July 2011

The Ivy continues to put on growth, although a little slower than we would have liked.

The frame has now been moved away from the lee of the house to a more central position in the front garden.

This was done to provide more light to the plant and increase the amount of rain-water it receives.

28th August 2011

We have started feeding with liquid tomato fertiliser and this together with moving the plant seems to have been beneficial. We continue to pin growth to the frame and triming side shoots.

We hope the frame will be fully covered by the end of autumn (fingers crossed).

topiary house number 2