Gardening Ideas

A day in the life of Topiary Garden 2012 weeks 50 - 52

Folk Socks

December 31st - A pair of Folk socks for Christmas

Reflection on water

December 30th - Does this reflection on water make you feel giddy

Iced Flower

December 29th - An Iced Flower on bright but very cold morning recently


December 28th - Heron at Kelsey Park

Lottery Ticket

Christmas Eve - Good Luck Everybody

Embden Goose

December 16th - An Embden Goose swimming on a fast flowing cold tidal river at Beaulieu.

Shirley Park Golf Club

December 12th - A frosty fairway at the Shirley Park Golf Club this morning.

Box Hedge

December 10th - Our next project is a Buxus Sempervirens Box hedge, we are planning a low hedge of approximately 40 cm high (similar to the photograph above), planting young bare rooted plants 6 per metre.

Post Box SO42 111

December 9th - George V Post Box SO42 111 Beaulieu Hampshire. Built by WT Allen, believed to be wall type E built in 1936.

Ligustrum Japonicum Lemon and Lime

December 8th - A Ligustrum Japonicum Lemon and Lime plant. FREE with every order.

New Forest Pony

December 7th - Driving down to Beaulieu, Hampshire today to pick up some plants - had to stop and admire the New Forest Ponies

Tree at dusk

December 4th - Our favorite tree at dusk this evening.

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