Is this You

Topiary Garden's image of the day 2012 weeks 40 to 41

Is this you

October 7th - Is this you? Moss stuffed frames - Is this you?

pomander kissing ball

October 4th - Pomander kissing ball in pink

bramleys seedling cooking apple

October 1st - Bramleys seedling cooking apple

apple sultana cake

September 30th - Apple sultana cake

Hydrangea macrophylla bailmer

September 29th - Hydrangea macrophylla bailmer

the number five

September 27th - The Number Five - great as a House Number
Our Number frames are available here


September 28th - This mornings crop of Strawflowers ready for drying

ligustrum japonicum lemon and lime

September 26th - Ligustrum japonicum Lemon and Lime cuttings ready for potting on

fuchsia blackie

September 25th - Hardy bush fuchsia Blackie
click here to see to our Hardy fuchsia bush growing guide

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