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Topiary Garden's image of the day 2012 weeks 38 to 39

Indoor plant idea

September 22nd - Indoor Plant Idea. Growing a dog frame with Ficus Pumila house plant
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sphagnum moss topiary

September 24th - Live sphagnum moss topiary. The number One


September 21st - An Aprostrophe stuffed


September 20th - An Aprostrophe frame

fuchsia standard Checkerboard

September 19th - Fuchsia Standard Checkerboard
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topiary letters

September 17th - Topiary Letters - Steps in the park.

topiary letters

September 15th - Topiary Letters St Peters in Beckenham Place Park.

garden window

September 14th - A view through a Garden Window bespoke topiary frame

Ilex argentea Marginata

September 13th - Ilex argentea Marginata

topiary project

September 12th - Live moss topiary project coming together

sphagnum moss

September 10th - Live sphagnum moss

flat green moss

September 8th - Flat Green Moss

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