Clematis Cartmanii Joe | Trademark Symbol | Number Five

Topiary Garden's image of the day 2012 weeks 11 and 12

Buxus sempervirens

March 18th - Buxus Sempervirens

teddy bear topiary

March 17th - Teddy bear topiary - Available to purchase here


March 16th - Numbers

artificial rose

March 14th - Artificial rose

plants from growing

March 13th - Plants from seed with an eco friendly Coco plug.

clematis cartmanii Joe

March 12th - Clematis Cartmanii Joe

topiary letter frame

March 11th - Moss stuffed topiary letter frame drying in the sun.

Olympic fencing

March 10th - Olympic fencing greeting card by Artist Anthony Burrett. Second in a series of six.

letter O

March 9th - letter O topiary frame stuffed with moss


March 8th - Topiary frames io

trademark symbol

March 7th - Trademark Symbol

number five

March 6th - Topiary frame number five being built

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