A day in the life of Topiary Garden weeks 48 and 49

Frosted Chrysanthemums

December 2nd - A frosty start to the day today Frosted Chrysanthemums.

Bunch of grapes

November 29th - A measly Bunch of Grapes not going to be able to make much wine from this years crop.

Buxus Sempervirens

November 28th - Buxus Sempervirens 40cm tall and growing in 3 litre pots.

Ligustrum delavayanum Seed

November 26th - Harvested this Ligustrum delavayanum Seed over the weekend. Now to start sowing.

Winter protection for plants

November 25th - Winter protection for plants sitting on a polystyrene base and cocooned in bubble wrap.

Christmas floral arrangement

November 24th - If you have any Hydrangea heads left in the garden, cut a few and bring them inside and allow them to dry out a little then spray with floral paint for a inexpensive Christmas floral arrangement.

Cyclamen flower

November 23rd - Cyclamen Flower. Cyclamen is also known as pain de pourceau (bread of the pig) in France.

The Letter V

November 22nd - The Letter V. A custom built topiary letter frame with dried sphagnum moss sprayed with floral paint. The font is Hobo Standard medium.

Exotic flower

November 21st - An exotic flower seen in the Flower Dome Singapore.

Dog topiaries

November 19th - Growing in-door Dog Topiaries with ficus pumila (creeping fig). We are also trying to layer propagate the plant at the same time. more Dog Topiaries

Fuchsia Blackie

November 18th - Hardy Fuchsia Blackie, we also have Fuchsia Plugs for Sale

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