Flower Pics

A day in the life of Topiary Garden 2012 weeks 46 and 47

Fuchsia Blackie

November 18th - Fuchsia Blackie picked from the garden this morning. Fuchsia Blackie is a hardy bush variety and has given a long flowering season. We shall certainly be growing this one again. Fuchsia Plugs for Sale

Chrysanthemum Feeling Green

November 17th - Button spray Chrysanthemum Feeling Green

Floral pedestal

November 14th - A simple cube floral arrangement sitting on a Stainless Steel Floral Pedestal

Hydrangea cuttings

November 12th - Recently bought some beautifull cut hydrangeas from the flower market. The stems were left outside for nearly a week waiting to be thrown on the compost heap. Then had a second thought and decided to take some Hydrangea Cuttings. Not hopefull but you never know.

Biogas, generating energy from anaerobic digestion

November 11th - Biogas generating energy from anaerobic digestion


November 10th - A little bit of colour on a dull grey day


November 9th - A couple of Chrysanthemums from the garden

Violas True Blue

November 8th - Violas True Blue

Locator electric vehicle

November 7th - Locator electric vehicle

Cold Grey Day

November 6th - A cold grey day.

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