Homemade Christmas Ideas

A day in the life of Topiary Garden 2011 weeks 48 to 49

homemade Christmas Ideas

December 8th - Homemade Christmas Ideas

A Christmas lollypop is a perfect alternative to a christmas tree. The homemade christmas idea can be crafted simply and inexpensively with one of our lollypop topiary frames. Lollypop frame available here

Dried sliced oranges

December 12th - Dried sliced oranges are widely available on line or at your local florist supplies shop. They have many uses and are great for crafting your Homemade Christmas Ideas

HAKS Barbers

December 10th - Hak's barbers Beckenham

the oaks

December 9th - The Oaks.


December 7th - OK Letter frames dressed in fir foliage.

Cat in a box

December 6th - Miss Rhumba's new bed.

A Christmas wreath

December 5th - A Christmas wreath an alternative home christmas idea.

number 4

December 3rd - Number 4

One of our topiary number frames all dressed up for Christmas - another homemade christmas idea. Our number frames are available here

hungary fox

December 1st - Hungary Fox.

lollypop Topiary

November 30th - Lollypop topiary

A lollypop topiary frame sitting on the front porch all dressed up for Christmas. Homemade Christmas ideas.

Lollipop topiary

November 29th - Lollipop topiary dress with fresh cut roses for another homemade christmas idea.

Rosa Aqua

November 28th - Rosa Aqua.

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