Just Eat

A day in the life of Topiary Garden 2011 weeks 40 - 41

Just Eat

October 6th 2011 - Just Eat mossed topiary frames.

Yew hedge topiary

October 15th 2011 Yew hedge topiary


October 14th 2011 - Pansy.


October 13th 2011 - Wildflower.

South Norwood Country Park

October 12th 2011 - Cloudscape over South Norwood Country Park

Battersea Park Topiary

October 10th 2011 - Battersea Park topiary.

Anthurium Flower

October 8th 2011 - Slightly Phallic Anthurium flower

Elmers End Tesco's

October 7th 2011 - Located in Beckenham but guess where.

Letter B

October 5th 2011 - Letter B dressed for Christmas.

Lawn roller

October 4th 2011 - Lawn Roller.

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