Kleims Hardy | 50 Birthday Idea

A day in the life of Topiary Garden 2011 weeks 38 - 39

50 birthday idea

50 birthday idea

Celebrate your 50th birthday in style with our Number Frames adorned with beautiful fresh cut flowers. Our Number Frames are available here.

Kleims Hardy

October 2nd 2011 - Kleims Hardy

Fuchsia Checkerboard

September 30th 2011 - Fuchsia Checkerboard
click here to see our fuchsia growing guide

floral tribute

September 29th 2011 - floral tribute

Kent County Cricket Ground

September 28th 2011 - Mist rolling over the Kent County Cricket Ground this morning.

Ligustrum jonandrum cuttings

September 27th 2011 - Ligustrum jonandrum cuttings we took early August.


September 25th 2011 - Remnants from my crash course in Floristry.

Fuchsia Standard

September 24th 2011 - Fuchsia standard Checkerboard.

Letter J for Janet

September 23rd 2011 - Letter J is for Janet a super florist.

Horse Chestnuts

September 22nd 2011 - Conkers.

Sack Trolley

September 21st 2011 - Arrived today - no more backaches.

Royal Blackheath Golf Club

September 19th 2011 - Royal Blackheath Golf Club at dawn this morning.

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